Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Bad!

Okay, okay.  We know we've been extremely lax about posting, but that's because we've just been so busy living our lives here in Cuenca.  We just love being here.  We are coming upon our one year anniversary of moving to Cuenca.  This year went by really fast!!!!!

We've continued with our Spanish lessons twice a week with our darling Spanish teacher Sonia.  By the way, Sonia has started giving art tours of local artists in Cuenca.  We've gone on her tours, which are wonderful, and purchased our share of art.  Check out her website at artcuenca.com.

We've also been keeping an eye on the construction project next door.  The work on the 13 story highrise that is going up right outside our windows is a marvel to watch.  These guys are pretty much building this by hand, with the exception of a steam shovel to dig out the big hole for the basement levels.  It is just amazing to see what they are doing.  And OSHA inspectors would have heart attacks.  We come close sometimes watching them.  Then there is the german shepherd that lives at the construction site, whom we have christened "Poochito" (how's that for Spanglish?), who keeps us endlessly entertained with his antics. 

I continue to spend time in the sewing room and Gil continues to spend time in the lazyboy.  In all honesty, he is working on the computer.  He had Pepi make him a computer stand for his laptop so he never has to get out of the lazyboy. 

And of course, we enjoy spending time with our wonderful friends here in Cuenca and just getting out and about in our wonderful city.

We promise to post another entry soon, this time with pictures, and to try and keep up a bit better with regular postings.