Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, Lordy, we are tired

We've been working, working, working trying to get rid of everything. Yesterday and today, we spent hours at the dreaded storage unit cataloging everything we have there so that we can call Salvation Army to come and get it. We'll take a tax write off for all of it.

We are discovering that no one is buying anything right now. We spoke with another expat who is experiencing the same thing in trying to dispose of their stuff here in the states. It's just not a good time to be trying to get someone to open their wallets. At least we don't have a house to get rid of in this downturn.

Anyway, we did sell some old no-longer-wearable jewelry today, and got more for it than expected. The one bright spot in the economy is that gold is up. So even those little tiny gold rings brought something.

Getting rid of the stuff in the storage unit is a huge step forward, and we feel that we are making good progress in getting ourselves ready to return to Ecuador by October 17th.

We are really tired tonight though, and hoping that Gil's back will not be too sore tomorrow after moving our 30 boxes of stored books around so we could count what we have.

Our very long "to-do" list is slowly getting things marked off it, and we're feeling good about the progress.


  1. Treat yourselves to a massage! You did good and should treat yourselves! We have been there, its disappointing, but at least you get the tax write off!

  2. You guys are so right. My son thought he would easily sell things on Craig's List with his move. It didn't happen. I hope the IRS doesn't give you problems over the write-offs later. They're trying to get every last penny they can out of folks. Only six more weeks, you two are so lucky!