Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knight Skies in Cuenca

You know how beautiful the sunsets are on a tropical beach, like those in Maui?  The kind of sunsets that make you take your mai-tai down to the beach each night and sit in a beach chair to wait for the glory?  Well, they can't hold a candle to the sunsets here in Cuenca.

The sun here, near the equator, falls behind the mountains that surround Cuenca, and the sky lights up with fire.  It starts with that bright white flame of light as the sun first dips behind the mountains.

Then it gets a little more orange as the sun sinks lower.

The level of orange keeps increasing as the sun drops further and further down until the sky is a deep dark pumpkin.

Almost every night we have been in Cuenca, we have been treated to this show.

A few nights ago, we were treated to something even more spectacular at sunset.  While I was watching the movie King Arthur on TV, the one with that dreamboat Clive Owen playing King Arthur and Kiera Knightly as a bow and arrow toting Guinevere, Gil noticed that the images on the TV were being superimposed on the sunset by a reflection in the windows.  He came up with these amazing shots.  These are not double exposures.  This is actually what he could see and the camera picked it up.

Eat your heart out Maui.  You got nothing on Cuenca!  Well, except affordable mai-tais.  Anyone know where we can get a good mai-tai?


  1. Wow, those photos are spectacular, Deborah! Was he focusing on the TV or the glass in the window? Just trying to figure out the reflection!

    No matter, you are so right about the sunsets. The colors are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them in person some day!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Gayle,

    He was focusing on the window. Remarkable, aren't they. Certainly hope you will have a chance to see the sunsets in person someday.