Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Parade

Today was the day of the big Christmas parade. There were floats and horses, and dancers and angels everywhere that went on for miles and miles and miles. Gil took lots of photos.  Here are a few of the festive day.   Enjoy!!

There were so many brilliant colors.

Floats decorated with fruit, colas, beer, candies:

Even strollers were decorated:

Colorful twirling dancers:

Angels everywhere:

Truckloads of Angels!


Horses with ladies (little girls really) with their beautiful dresses draped over the horses:

Bountiful offerings for the baby Jesus:

Note the ribboned guinea pigs above the adorable babies:

Native foods for Jesus -- corn, roasted chickens, peppers, etc.:

It's a little hard to see here, but this sheep is carrying a roasted chicken (head and all) on his back, along with candies and other yummies.:

The sign translates "the little shepard goes to Bethlehem."  Note her bunnies and parakeets, along with all the food bounty:

Senora on horseback with her well-dressed baby Jesus:

And then there are the children. The adorable children:

And of course, Santa knows where Ecuador is too. So there were a few Santas represented:

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!!

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