Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sevilla, Part one

So we headed to Sevilla next.  By the time we got there, the weather was starting to improve.  So one of the first things we did was to eat in an outdoor cafe and spend some time watching the people.  In fact, eating at outdoor cafes and watching the people became one of our favorite activities in Spain.  Our figures upon returning home certainly reflect that.

Anyway, Sevilla turned out to be one of our favorite places.  That is because we were there during Spring.  One of the tour guides we had on one of our day trips said that Sevilla gets up to 45 degrees Centigrade on some Summer days.  That's almost 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, everyday, while we were loving Sevilla, we kept reminding ourselves about Summer.  But, we weren't there during Summer, so we loved it.

Our first outdoor cafe stop in Sevilla.  Note the glorious sunshine.
Beautiful Sevilla

Sevilla's cathedral

Some of the gold inside the cathedral

There is so much gold and silver (or as we referred to it "dead indigenous of the Americas) inside of Spain's cathedral's, and  a huge amount of it is in Sevilla where so much of the gold from the America's landed.

Columbus's tomb inside the cathedral
The Tower of Gold

More of Sevilla's beautiful architecture and fountains
Notice the design in the "pavement."  These are made by stones, turned on their sides, and embedded in the mortar/cement.  We saw a lot of this in Spain.  It's really beautiful, although it's not especially comfortable to walk on.  

More beauty in Sevilla
Note the carriages in the last photo.  This leads to the next post -- The Spring Feria.

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