Sunday, July 8, 2012


Such excitement!  We were treated to the grand spectacle of a group of celebrities who were staying at the Hotel Oro Verde last night, right outside our windows.  Police escorts, helicopter hovering overhead, and fans, fans fans chanting, waving flags and full of jubilation.  The Barcelona futbol (soccer) team is in town to play against Deportivo Cuenca today in what is a sold out game, and their fans were waiting for their arrival into town last night!  The same scene took place this morning as the team re-boarded their bus to leave the hotel for the stadium.

Barcelona wears yellow jerseys, as do their fans.

The team arrives on their bus.

The fans lingered well into the evening, chanting and singing (the team song?)

Helicopter escort

Military police protection
Good luck, Cuenca (although from what we've heard, not much chance of them beating Barcelona.)

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