Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty flowers

We made our way out on Tuesday, (first taxi ride in two weeks -- gotta get back on that horse!) to go with Sonia to the gallery and home of artist Eduardo Segovia.  As we were leaving, Sr. Segovia gave us a couple of flowers to take home with us out of his beautiful garden.

The first one looks like a hummingbird, and he told us that it was one of his inspirations for some of his amazing pottery.

The other was gorgeous.  The center was multi-colored and surrounded by beautiful petals.  I'm afraid the picture doesn't really do it justice, but here it is.

This was our third or fourth time at Sr. Segovia's home.  He is a lovely man and an amazing artist.  As always, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

On another note, outside our windows we usually have a couple of cattle that are tethered and grazing.  Well, one is tethered, and the other is a calf so is allowed to roam.  But he doesn't go far, because always with these two is a dog that is keeping watch over them.  If the calf wanders too far away, she goes and retrieves him.  She is always with them.  She's the "cow dog" and she keeps close track of her charges.  Here's a picture of her loving protection of her herd.  That dark clump behind her is one of her cows, and she's keeping an eye on the calf.  Sometimes we see them all napping close up against each other, and we've even seen them all nuzzling each other.  It's really a sight to see.

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