Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gil's Picks

As some of you know, in his pre-Cuenca life, Gil's background was in city planning.  As a result, he has an eye for, and a love of, beautiful cities, interesting buildings, lovely parks and architectural wonders.  Here are some of his favorites in Spain and Portugal.  Some you've had a glimpse of in previous posts, and some will be new to you.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

The Alhambra

The Mosque in Cordoba

An interior courtyard in Cordoba

Cordoba Jewish Quarter

Innumerable buildings and plaza's in Madrid

The Madrid train station

Sant Pau del Camp, Barcelona (oldest church/monastery in Barcelona)

Parque Guell, Barcelona

Parque Retiro, Madrid

Plaza de Torros, Madrid

Royal Palace and gardens, Madrid

Roman aqueduct, Segovia, Spain

The Alcazar, Sevilla

Sevilla Cathedral

Toledo train station

The town of Avila, Spain

The town of Pals, Spain

The town of Sintra, Portugal


  1. These were fabulous. So much to see and do there. Spectacular architecture and parkways certainly were facets that greatly contributed to a most memorable trip.

  2. Looks like Gil missed his calling as a photographer. Well, there is always time for new career. My husband and I also lived and worked in SF for several years (currently retired and living in the Foothills now). Based on what I've seen and read on the internet, Cuenca reminds me of The City. We will be coming to Cuenca soon. Deborah - I sew too, and would love to find out about buying fabric, notions, etc in Ecuador. Any chance we could get together briefly while we are there?

    1. Absolutely we can get together. Send me an email at and we can connect.

  3. Great scenes and great photos. - Harold