Monday, October 8, 2012

This and That

First, we ladies had our nails done today.  Here are Karen's nails.  Click on the picture to get a better look.  Is that cute or what?  Little tennis shoes on her fingers.  Viky is sure talented.

Poochito has been channeling Rin-Tin-Tin.  Just before I managed to get this shot, he was standing on that scaffolding!  I ran to get the camera, and just as I was about to snap the picture, he turned and went back into the building and down onto the floor you see him on here.  He was watching some dogs playing in the field below him.

And then there's Poochito at rest. He makes us so nervous when we see him up high like this, and with his feet hanging over the edge.

And at one point, I thought he was going to jump!!  Fortunately, he thought better of it and just lay down again to watch the other dogs.

But then, I make him nervous too.  He's getting better though.  He let me pet him again the other day.  But only after I gave him a few biscuits and called him a cobardito (little coward) when he started to run away.  The construction guys got quite a kick out of me calling him that.  They've seen me enough times trying to get him not to run from me.  Gil had a dream in which he had a conversation with Poochito, and Poochito wanted to know why I wanted to touch him.  "What's with that?", he said.  "She's weird."  Anyway, a little bit at a time.

What a pretty boy!!

It's heading toward summer here.  Well, actually, we have two seasons, dry and rainy.  Dry is during the US summer and is pretty cold.  Rainy is during the US winter and is warm.  So we are heading into the rainy/warm season.  Generally, rainy season means that it's beautiful in the morning and in the afternoon (usually around 3:00 or 4:00) we get a storm.  That's not always the case -- sometimes it's dreary all day and sometimes it doesn't rain at all for a few days.  But, that seems to be the general rule.  So, lately, we've had many beautiful mornings and an occasional deluge in the afternoon.  Soon, the river, which is currently pretty low, should be back to all of its glory.  Hopefully, we will have some pictures of it soon.

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  1. Great shot of the Shepherd. Always enjoy reading your observations of Cuenca. My wife Sharon and I have lived in Cuenca for the past 17 months. She is a quilter and is looking for a cutting table. Shatzi Bremmer mentioned that you had one built for you.

    Can I get the name of the builder. Thanks, Lenny Charnoff -