Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yum, yum!!

Took a walk over to Poochito & Paco land the other day.  Carried with me some pork rib bones left over from our lunch.  The boys enjoyed them immensely.  After some initial "words" between them about whose bones they were, they behaved beautifully and took turns taking them, all the while waiting patiently for their turns.

Note Poochito's tongue in the last picture above (click on it if it's too small for you to see here).  These things were lip-licking goood!  Paco always says "thank you."  When it's a bisquit, he gives me a sweet little whine.  When it's bones, he lets out a huge, long whine.  The little whine means  "Gracias."  The big one, "Muchas gracias!!"  Both are accompanied by wiggles.

Paco also tried to give Poochito a lesson in how nice it is to get petted.  Poochito considered it, but ultimately decided that if the bones were gone, he'd be too.  But, he has stopped running from me when he sees me. 

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