Monday, April 29, 2013

Animals We Met In Argentina

While we were in Argentina we had a few surprise encounters with animals.  Some were arranged, like the horses at the gaucho ranch that you've already seen, others were complete and fun surprises.  Here are some of the best.

A possum that shared a sidewalk with us in Buenos Aires

King of the hill
A coatie walking the railing on a bridge we were crossing at Iguazu falls

The steer we ate!!

Huge catfish in the river we walked over at Igauzu Falls

A cayman at Igauzu with a butterfly on his nose.

Beautiful and agressively friendly wild birds at Igauzu

Blue butterfly
Wild tucan

More coaties at play

Wild monkey at Igauzu.  We actually saw a whole troop of them.

Not sure what theses are.  Look like long-legged guinea pigs.  Too small to be pikas.

Butterfly at our lodge at Igauzu

Coi at the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

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