Thursday, April 25, 2013


Most of you have probably heard of Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris where lots of famous people are buried.  Buenos Aires has a similar cemetery of its own, Recoleta.  It's like a small city.  The mausoleums in Recoleta are incredible.  Some of them are big enough to house the living, not just the dead.  Many of them have gorgeous sculptures on them.  Here are a few pictures of some of the most spectacular that we saw.

The entrance to the cemetery

One of the grand avenues in the cemetery

Remember the Paz family who started La Prensa?  This is their mausoleum.  Black and white marble with gorgeous sculptures.  Just beautiful

Very Art Deco sculpture on this one.

This young woman died on her honeymoon.  Her dog died the same day.  Or so the story goes.

The tomb of Eva (Evita) Peron.  There are always flowers on her tomb left by her admirers.  It's the Duarte (her family) tomb and she is buried here.

Just to give you and idea how big these are.

Isn't that sculpture just gorgeous!

A general's tomb with his own permanent guards.
Some look more modern than others

Cemetery cats, one taking it easy, the other stopped in mid-bath to check him out when he crawled up there to sleep.

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