Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iguazu Falls

Las Catarats de Iguazu are in the northern part of Argentina.  We took a flight up to Puerto Iguazu to see the falls and stayed in the jungle there for a couple of nights.  The falls are simply amazing.  They are without a doubt one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.  They are on the border of Brazil and Argentina.  Since we would have had to pay a $160/person entry fee to enter Brazil and go to the Brazil side of the falls (we had already paid the $160/person entry fee to enter Argentina), we decided to stick to only the Argentinian side of the falls.  We can't even imagine that it would have been any better over in Brazil.  What we've been told is that if you can do only one side, do the Argentinian side because there you feel you are inside the falls.  The Brazilian side is more of a panoramic view.  Anyway, here are a few pictures, which as good as they are, do not do it justice.  It's like trying to truly capture the Grand Canyon in a photo.  You just can't get the extent of the true grandeur of it all.

The Devil's Throat

More of the Devil's Throat fall

View from the Devil's Throat fall platform across to Brazil

Trying to stay out of the devil's clutches

The falls seem to go on forever.  That white you see on the left at the top, that's falls too.

Can you imagine what it was like for the first humans to encounter this?!

Just stunning!

The falls make their own rainbows

This is where we could get really up close for a quick (and cold because the falls make a lot of wind) shower.

Multiple layers of huge waterfalls.

See the teeny-tiny people on the platform at the top?

The Two Brothers Falls
We stayed at a very nice jungle lodge while we were in Iguazu, La Cantera Jungle Lodge.  The staff was delightful (an experience we had at all three of the places we stayed while we were in Argentina.)  The lodge was quiet and peaceful and well maintained.  On the Friday night we were there they had an Argentinian BBQ with the meat (lots and lots of meat as always in Argentina) cooked right over an open fire.  We enjoyed our time there and recommend it to anyone whose planning a trip to Iguazu Falls.

The entrance to the lodge

Our private porch with a hot tub, which we didn't have time to fill and try out.

Our room, with two queen beds, air conditioning, cable tv, etc.

Nice wooden, raised walkways throughout.

Inviting infinity pool,which we also didn't have time to use.

A shot of the pool and the common area.
BBQ that meat, Baby, BBQ that meat!


  1. Gil and Deborah... Very nice or should I say breath taking photos... Thanks for sharing. I am sitting at home tonight snooping around at 30 or so Ecuador blogs. Yours is great. Keep up the great job. George from Ecuador George.

  2. Just getting around to seeing your nature scenes from Ecuador. Wow! Spectacular! A definite must for me in the future to be included in any travel to Argentina are these falls. It's one thing to have you guys tell me about these things over lunch and dinner. It's another to see the actual photos.