Thursday, April 18, 2013

Argentine Adventure - Part 2 - The Rich are Different than you and me

As we told you in the last post, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the wealthy of Buenos Aires were francophiles and spent a lot of time in France.  The Paz family, founders and owners of La Prensa newspaper (still in existence), did just that.  Sr. Paz decided to build a grand mansion for his family in Buenos Aires in a French style.  Sadly, he didn't live to see it finished and never had the chance to live in it himself, although his widow, children and grandchildren had the pleasure of inhabiting it for awhile.  It was eventually sold to a retired military members group who still own it and who have preserved the ground floor for public viewing.  The upper floors are private for the members of the organization.  The building in now called the Circulo Militar.  We took a tour of the building and here are a few shots.

When we visit Recoleta Cemetary, you will see the Paz family mausoleum, one of the most beautiful there. 

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  1. Oh,I know now after viewing your photos, I need to fit Buenos Aires somewhere on my calendar of future travels. Glad you both had such a great time, and I look forward to that Argentinian beef. Jim Mola