Saturday, April 20, 2013

Argentine Adventure Part Three -- The Gaucho Hacienda

We took a day trip out of Buenos Aires one fine day to spend a little time at a Gaucho ranch.  The weather that day was very warm and sunny.  We got to ride horses, watched a terrific dance show and then were treated with a display of gaucho horsemanship.  There is an old ranch house (hacienda) there that is now a museum, that was also quite interesting to see.  Oh, and as usual, there was a lot of food, and free flowing wine. 

The Pampas on the way to the ranch
Horseback riding

The old hacienda
Unusual chairs at the ranch

Normal, antique chairs at the ranch

The music show

Fast and furious Tango

Gaucho dancing with his bolos,.  They are moving so fast they are hard to see.  Note some of the white marks in the picture.  That's the bolos being spun around

Well trained horses driven to line up in a straight line

Amazing horsemanship, trying to catch a small ring with a pencil type item.

Catch the ring, kiss a girl

Did I mention it was hot?  The locals know how to handle that.

It was really hot!  Only one thing to do when it's this hot.

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